Buying a new mobile home and searching for the right community? Moving to a mobile home on an existing lot? Planning to relocate your existing mobile home? Regardless of your unique situation, knowing what to expect when it comes to leasing land will give you a head start on what can be a confusing situation.

What is mobile home park lot rent?

Many mobile home parks (sometimes called “trailer parks” or “manufactured home communities”) charge a lot rent. This means that, though you may own (or be paying in installments for) the home itself, you are required to pay rent for the land underneath your home. Rents are paid monthly to the park, usually a for-profit company. These rents are not standardized and vary greatly depending on local real estate market conditions.

Your lot rent not only goes to leasing the land your home sits on, but to upkeep of the neighborhood, including maintenance and landscaping. Sometimes these fees cover utilities, like water, sewer and electricity. Sometimes, park-wide utilities, like garbage collection, are subsidized by the tenant’s lot rent. 

Always ask your park owner, “What does lot rent pay for?”. You may be surprised at the amenities included, or you may be glad to know of extra fees (such as having pets), before they sneak up on you.