Real Estate Agents and REALTORS®  can sell mobile and manufactured homes when the land attached directly to the property is also owned by the homeowner/seller.

A home located within a land-leased community the home is classified as  as personal property and NOT Real Property.

  • Real property is defined as land and any property attached directly to it.  For example, most “stick-built homes” found in your typical subdivision are real property.
  • Personal property is a type of property which can include any asset (mobile home, car, boat) other than real estate.

In order to sell a mobile home within a land-lease community, a separate real estate license is required by some but not all states.

For example, according to the AAR  and under current Arizona state law “a real estate agent or broker is prohibited from selling a new mobile or manufactured home in a mobile home park without a separate broker or dealer license from the Arizona Department of Housing (ADH) Manufactured Housing Division.”

It all depends on the state your mobile home is located. In some states, real estate agents and realtors® are permitted to sell mobile or manufactured homes. You’ll need to confirm by contacting your states’ department of housing.

Top 5 tips for finding an agent, broker or realtor to represent the sale of your mobile home :

  1. Most parks have park managers and very often mobile home park managers can sell your home for you. On, to contact a park manager, go to the mobile home park profile page for the park your home is located  in.
  2. Check out some of the local real estate magazines and scan the ads for homes in parks that have leased land posted by an agent or realtor.
  3. Take a drive through a several local parks see which real estate brokerages or offices have signs up on properties for sale or rent. Click here to find a park near you.
  4. Many parks have rules against posting signs for sale on front lawns.  If this is the case, stop in the park office to inquire. Many park offices are helpful and have a list of agents they can give you. Others parks are territorial and want all park sales to go through their office and NOT outside seller representatives.