“My neighbors are still learning the English language and have trouble understanding the terms of their lease. Is the park obligated to provide lease agreements in a language they are most familiar with?”

– Ricardo D. (43),  resident, Santa Rosa, CA


In most cases, no. Parks are not obligated to provide month-to-month rental agreements in languages other than that which is officially recognized by the state.

California Mobilehome Residency Law states that mobile home park owners are not required to provide lease agreements or other documents in languages other than English, nor must they provide translation or interpretation services to tenants. Most parks do not negotiate their leases with residents or prospective homeowners, and instead offer leases on a “take it or leave it” basis.

However, park owners are encouraged to consider providing translated lease agreements as a way of improving communication and avoiding misunderstandings with non-English speaking residents. Park owners may also post notices about resources available to Non-English speaking tenants, such as local government or community organizations that offer translation or interpretation services.

So while there is no legal requirement in California for mobile home parks to provide lease agreements in different languages, the state does encourage park owners to take steps to make information accessible to non-English speaking residents.


  • Most parks are not legally required to provide lease agreements in other languages.
  • Parks are encouraged to provide or suggest translation and interpretation services.

Source: California Mobilehome Residency Law 2023