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December 17, 2022
Oakland, CA

No, California state law does not regulate the amount of a rent increase in a mobile home park. Rent stabilization is a “local control issue”. The 2022 California Mobilehome Residency Law does require a park to give residents a 90-day advance written notice of a rent increase (Civil Code §798.30).

If residents are on a long-term lease, the lease will govern the percentage and frequency of rent increases, with increases not less than every 90 days as required by law. Prior to 2021, Civil Code 798.17 (a) (1) provided that, if residents sign a long-term lease of more than one year in length that lease is exempt from any local rent ordinance provisions. However, AB 2782, passed by the legislature in 2020, significantly amended the Civil Code 798.17 exemption.

As of January 1, 2021, and a long-term lease signed on or after February 13, 2020, is no longer exempt from local rent stabilization, and the rent regulations in the local ordinance will take precedence. In addition, all long-term leases signed prior to February 13, 2020, shall continue to be exempt from local rent stabilization, but only until they expire, or until January 1, 2025, whichever occurs first.

(Note: Approximately 104 local jurisdictions (cities and counties) have some form of rent stabilization for mobile home parks.)

● State law does not regulate the amount of a rent increase. It is a local control issue.
● A 90-day advance written notice of rent increase is required.
● If a resident is on a long-term lease, check the language in the lease for frequency (not less than every 90 days) and percentage of increases.