“We would like to hold HOA meetings at our community clubhouse, but some of us have heard that we need to pay a fee to use the space for events. Is that true?”

– Dan W, 42, mobile home resident, Tracy, CA


In most cases, no, this is not true.

Generally speaking, you should not expect to pay a fee to host gatherings in a park’s community spaces. California Mobilehome Residency Law states that homeowners have a right to meet in the park for any lawful purpose, as long as it is at reasonable times and in a reasonable manner, and when the facility is not otherwise in use (Civil Code §798.51). 

Furthermore, the park should not charge a cleaning deposit or require liability insurance in order to use a clubhouse for meetings relating to mobilehome living, or for social and educational purposes, as long as all homeowners are invited to attend.

That said, there are a few exceptions.

If alcoholic beverages are being served at the event, the park may require a liability insurance fee. Additionally, if the clubhouse is being used for a private function, and not all park residents are invited, the park may be allowed to charge a fee or deposit.

In regard to HOA meetings, park management may determine that your homeowners association is a private organization. However, if residents of the park are already homeowners themselves, it could be argued that the meeting is essentially a public event.

In any case, your best option is to contact park management directly and discuss the exact nature of the meeting, so that you can determine ahead of time whether any fees will be required.

Source: 2022 California Mobilehome Residency Law