“I am moving into a new mobile home community, and the park wants me to pay the first and last months’ rent, as well as a two month security deposit. Is that normal?”

– Vincent G, 32, resident, Fresno, CA


Yes, this is a normal request.

When someone is accepted for residency in a mobile home park and signs a rental agreement, being asked for the first and last month’s rent and a 2-month security deposit is fairly standard procedure and legally permitted as well. (Civil Code §798.39)

If you are concerned that you might not get your security deposit back, don’t worry. After one full year of satisfactory residency (meaning all rent and fees have been paid during that time), you are entitled to request a refund of your 2-month security deposit. You can also request a refund whenever you choose to leave the park or sell your home, as long as all rent and fees have been paid up to that point. (Civil Code §798.39(b))


  • A 2-month security deposit may be charged.
  • A security deposit refund is allowed after one year if all rent and fees have been paid.

Source: 2023 California Mobilehome Residency Law