“If I receive an eviction notice from my park, am I entitled to an explanation?”

– Sarah J. (32), homeowner, Truckee, CA


As a homeowner, yes, you should be aware of the reasons why you are being issued an eviction notice.

To be clear, a homeowner’s tenancy may only be terminated for “just cause,” meaning that homeowners can only be evicted for reasons clearly specified in their lease agreement or in state code. (Civil Code §§798.55, 798.56)

Park management is required to specify and explain any and all violations contributing to the termination of a homeowner’s tenancy. Additionally, the park must grant homeowners seven days to correct the violation. (Civil Code §798.56(d))

If a resident violates park policy twice in a 12-month period, then upon the third violation, the park may proceed with the termination, regardless of whether the resident resolves the infraction. (Civil Code §798.56(e)(5))

If you are concerned about a possible violation on your behalf, consider reaching out to your park’s management and explaining the issue directly. Many parks want to maintain clear and open communication with residents to prevent issues from escalating any further.


  • If the resident is a homeowner, then the park may only terminate residency for just cause.
  • The park is required to explain the reason for the eviction to homeowners.
  • The park must grant the homeowner seven days to correct the violation.


Source: California Mobilehome Residency Law 2023