“I’m concerned that my park may refuse to offer me a new rental agreement after my lease ends. Can they do that?”

– Alfonso H. (56), resident, Bakersfield, CA


It will depend on whether you are considered a homeowner or a tenant.

If you are a homeowner, meaning that you own your mobile home and only pay for the lot rent, then no, the park is not allowed to terminate your residency by withholding a new lease agreement.

Homeowners normally rent under a month-to-month, 12-month, or long-term lease agreement. When the term of their rental agreement ends, park management must then offer a new lease agreement at the request of the homeowner.

Homeowners cannot be evicted simply because their lease has expired, but rather for significant violations of park rules and regulations, such as withholding rent. (Civil Code §798.56)

In contrast, if a resident is a tenant, meaning that they rent a mobile home structure from the park, then their continued tenancy is subject to the terms of their agreement with the landlord. Therefore, in some cases, a tenant can be denied continued residency by the park once their lease expires.

Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, it is important to personally review and understand the terms of your own lease agreement, especially in regard to renewal policies and practices.


  • If the resident is a homeowner, then the park must offer them a new rental agreement.
  • If the resident is a tenant and not a homeowner, then the park may withhold a new rental agreement.


Source: California Mobilehome Residency Law 2023