“As much as I love my mobile home, I feel like my annual property taxes are much higher than the home is actually worth. Is there any way that a resident like myself can reduce those taxes?”

– Peter F, 58, resident, Bakersfield, CA


In short, yes, it is possible for mobile home owners to reduce their local property taxes.

Like owners of conventional homes, mobile home owners who feel their taxes are too high in the current market may file an appeal with the county assessment appeals board to see if they can get their assessed value, and thus their taxes, reduced. The burden, however, is on the homeowner to produce evidence that his or her home is worth less than the assessor’s valuation.

This can be done by getting a private appraisal and producing documents showing the reduced prices of similar mobile homes in the park, or in similar parks in the community. Information on how to apply and the deadlines for applying may be obtained from the local county tax assessor’s office.


● File an appeal with the county tax assessor and be prepared to prove that the value of the mobile home is worth less than the assessed value.

Source: 2022 California Mobilehome Residency Law