“My car was towed! I didn’t even get a warning! Is the park allowed to remove vehicles without any notice?”

-Paul S. (56), Daytona Beach, FL


Basically, it depends on how you parked your car. Generally, park management has the right to restrict or remove parked vehicles when in violation of the rules outlined in the lease or park agreement.

Mobile home parks are considered private property, and the management typically has the responsibility to enforce rules to ensure the safety, order, and fair use of parking spaces within the park. This may include designating specific parking areas for residents, visitors, and other types of vehicles. Management may also set guidelines regarding the number of vehicles allowed per resident or establish rules related to parking permits, vehicle registration, and maintenance.

If a resident’s vehicle does not conform to park rules, then the park can tow the vehicle from its designated parking space, usually after issuing a 7-day notice. However, vehicles that are parked in fire lanes, or in front of park entrances or fire hydrants, can be towed without notice. Similarly, a vehicle which is determined to present a significant danger to the health and safety of residents, or is parked in another resident’s parking space and is requested to be removed, can be towed without notice.

Finally, it’s important to note that these rules and restrictions must comply with local laws and regulations. Some jurisdictions may have additional requirements or limitations on what the park management can enforce. Therefore, residents should review their lease agreements, park rules, and local laws to understand the specific parking regulations that apply to their situation.


  • A written notice is typically issued if a parked vehicle does not conform to general park rules.
  • Management can have cars towed without notice if the parked car violates the health and safety of residents.
  • Management may have cars towed, upon request, if one resident’s car is parked in another resident’s space.