“When it comes to driveways or trees on a resident’s property, who is responsible for the costs of maintenance or removal?”

-Brenda L. (58), resident, Grand Junction, CO


This one can be complex. First and foremost, it depends on the terms of your lease agreement. If your lease clearly states that trees and driveways are the responsibility of the resident, then the resident must pay for all related maintenance.

If the responsibility for tree maintenance is not stipulated in the lease agreement, then the park is generally only responsible when a situation is deemed a health and safety hazard. If there is a dispute between residents and the park regarding a tree, residents are entitled to hire an inspector from the Housing Department or a local housing agency. However, if inspector does not find a violation, then the resident may end up having to pay for the maintenance anyway.

Regarding driveways—when not stipulated in the lease agreement—the park owner is usually responsible for maintenance, unless it is determined that the resident is responsible for damages to the driveway. This may also be disputed, as damage to the driveway from a previous resident is sometimes considered to be the responsibility of the park.


  • Residents are responsible for maintenance if stated in the lease agreement.
  • If not stated in the lease agreement, the park may be responsible if a tree presents a health and safety hazard.
  • If not stated in the lease agreement, the park is responsible for driveways unless damaged by current residents.