“My park is planning to push back property lines to make room for a new swimming pool. Are they allowed to change lot lines without permission from residents?”

-Shinji K. (37), resident, Palo Alto, CA


For the most part, no. Park management may not change or move established lot lines without the permission of the affected residents.

In most states, mobile home parks fall under the jurisdiction of local zoning ordinances, as well as the Department of Housing. These authorities typically require a permit from the park verifying that they have obtained the consent of residents affected by the change. Part of this negotiation may involve a stipend such as lowering the cost of rent for affected residents.

There may be an exception, however, if your park does not possess clearly defined markers nor a plot map indicating where the lot lines should be. This sometimes occurs in older mobile home parks, where lot lines were informally drawn up and recognized by residents. In cases where there is no documented evidence of official lot lines, housing authorities may not be able to determine that a lot line has been moved, and a permit to do so may not be required.

If you are unsure as to whether your property line is officially recognized and documented by the park, do not hesitate to reach out to your park management for clarification. They should be able to identify where your lot line formally lies. For further clarification, consult with a local attorney specializing in housing law, or reach out to the government agencies responsible for local zoning and land use regulations.


  • Permits that verify consent from residents are usually required before lot lines can be altered.
  • Parks without official lot lines may not require the consent of residents.