“My park is closing the resident swimming pool for construction. I understand that construction needs to happen, but can the park close services that residents already pay for?”

-Sarah E. (35), resident, Hinckley, UT


It depends. If the affected services or amenities are not provided in your lease agreement, then technically, they are not guaranteed. In this case, the park manager is entitled to limit or eliminate services going forward, regardless of whether residents are willing to continue paying for them.

On the other hand, if a service or amenity is explicitly provided as a term of your lease agreement, with no mention of potential discontinuation, then the park cannot abruptly cut that service. Instead, the park would need to factor the cost of the cut service or amenity as a reduction from your monthly rent.

If you are concerned about changes to park services and amenities, make sure to review the terms of your lease agreement, as well as the park’s general rules and policies regarding these services. Furthermore, you should consider having an open conversation with park management to seek clarification, express concerns, and explore other potential resolutions.


  • The park management can reduce or eliminate park features if they are not agreed upon in a signed lease or rental agreement.