“I can’t find the HUD tag for my home anywhere! Who issues mobile home tags in California?”

-Pete R. (59), resident, Fremont, CA


Unfortunately, the Department of Housing and Development does not reissue Certification Labels, or “HUD tags” for manufactured houses. However, you can request a Letter of Label Verification, which will suffice for missing HUD tags, from the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS).

For review, the HUD tag is a metal plate which is permanently affixed to a mobile home structure. This plate certifies that the home conforms to federal construction and safety requirements at the time of manufacture. HUD tags are different from Data Plates, which are paper labels affixed to the inside of the house containing information such as serial numbers, manufacturing certifications, and references for the home’s structural resistance to various weather conditions.

If the Certification Label or HUD tag is missing from your home, check the Data Plate for the Certification Label numbers. The Data Plate can usually be located near the main electrical panel, in a kitchen cabinet, or in a bedroom closet. Once you have this information, you may submit a request for a Letter of Label Verification on the IBTS official webpage. You may also contact IBTS’ Label Department by phone at (866) 482-8868 or e-mail at


  • You can request a Letter of Label Verification from the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS).