“I believe management is violating my rights as a resident of this park. There are multiple reasons I feel this way, but in general, what should residents do when the park is in violation of our residency rights?”

-Sara L (53), resident, Sioux Falls, SD


This can be complicated, as it depends on the details as well as the nature of the alleged violations. But as a general overview, there are several courses of action that may be taken by residents if they believe that their rights are being violated by the park.

First and foremost, make sure to document any and all violations or issues you encounter, including dates, times, and any correspondence with management. This documentation can be useful regardless of whether or not you decide to take legal action.

If you haven’t already, you should discuss the issue directly with your park owner or management team. Frequently, issues like these can be resolved simply by having open communication, so that, at the very least, it is ascertained that both sides are made aware of the issue(s) before it is escalated.

If the issue isn’t resolved at this stage, you may need to contact your local or state housing authority or housing agency. Depending on your location, you may have a local regulatory agency or department that oversees mobile home parks as well as landlord-tenant issues. Likewise, on a state level, you should contact the office of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) responsible for your jurisdiction. These agencies can provide guidance and information, as well as mediate disputes and enforce legal administration.

Finally, if the issue remains unresolved, consider consulting with an attorney who specializes in mobile home park or landlord-tenant law. They can advise you on your legal rights and potential courses of civil action.

Specific procedures and resources can vary by state and locality, so it’s essential to research and reach out to the appropriate authorities or organizations in your area for assistance. Taking proactive steps and seeking professional advice when necessary can help protect your mobile home residency rights.


  • Document any violations you encounter.
  • Discuss the issue directly with park owners or managers.
  • Contact your local housing authority or HUD offices.
  • Consult with an attorney specializing in landlord-tenant law.