“I have an issue I need to discuss with the owners of our park, but I can’t find anything about the actual owners of the park itself! Where can I find this information?”

-Greta B. (48), resident, Park County, CO


The first place to look is in your lease agreement, or any other rental documents you have available. These documents typically contain contact information for the park’s owner or management company.

In the event that there is no listed owner in these documents, or if you just can’t find it, it is perfectly reasonable to contact or visit the park office. On-site management will almost certainly have it on file, and there shouldn’t be any reason to deny you this information.

If for some reason the park office is unable to give you this information or simply tell you who the park’s owners are, you may have to consult public records. Residents can check with their local government or county recorder’s office for records that include property ownership information. These documents would most likely list the owner of the park. Similarly, if your state has a specific housing authority or regulatory agency, you should be able to contact their offices for property records and other public information for your area.

Online databases may also have public records available, if you’re having trouble reaching any of these offices.

Additionally, you may be able to easily find this information on your park’s official website, or by simply asking your neighbors. Finally, you can consult with local real estate agents who will most likely have this information on hand as well.


  • Rental documents should list contact information for the park’s owner(s) or management company.
  • The park office should be able to provide residents with this information.
  • Public records and databases may list owners in the park’s property records.