“I am a resident of an age-qualified, retirement lifestyle community. We are now being told that our park will become an all-ages community. I chose this park because it was senior-oriented. Can the park switch from a retirement to an all-ages community just like that?”

-Herbert B. (63), resident, Green River, UT


Yes, a mobile home park previously established as a 55+/retirement lifestyle area can transition into an all-ages community, but it would typically involve several legal and regulatory processes. Federal law does not specifically address procedures for changing from a senior-only to an all-age category, so this is often the decision of park management with minimal notice.

However, if the park owner or management wants to convert from a 55+/retirement lifestyle to an all-ages community, they would need to adhere to the applicable laws and regulations governing such conversions. This can involve obtaining necessary permits, notifying and consulting with existing residents, and complying with any legal requirements or restrictions specific to the jurisdiction.

The conversion process may also depend on the existing contracts and agreements between the park and its residents. If there are long-term leases or contracts in place that guarantee the 55+ status of the community, the park owner may need to negotiate or seek legal remedies to make the desired changes. Senior residents who have these leases may have a case against diminution of services agreed upon in the lease or rental agreement.

It’s important to note that the specific procedures and requirements for converting a retirement lifestyle park to an all-ages community can vary based on local laws and regulations. Therefore, it’s wise to consult with legal professionals who are knowledgeable about local housing regulations to ensure that these requirements are being met.


  • A mobile home park can change from a retirement lifestyle to an all-ages community.
  • Residents with leases that guarantee age-restricted living may have a case against such changes.