“The pets and other animals in my park are getting out of hand. Some of the dogs are very aggressive towards pets and residents alike. Furthermore, there are several stray cats and some people have started to feed them! Park management doesn’t seem to care, so what can I do?”

-Patrick T. (28), resident, Santa Barbara, CA


If park management continues to neglect the problem, you may have to contact animal control or another local animal services department. These agencies provide assistance and information regarding barking and nuisance animals, rodents, stray and feral animals, dog bites, neglect and abuse, and numerous other animal-related issues.

Make sure to document these issues. Keep record of any aggressive incidents involving the dogs along with dates, times, locations, and descriptions of the dogs involved. Pet owners may be held legally liable for any damage or harm caused by their pet.

Stray or feral animals are not considered pets nor are they legally permitted to occupy the mobile home park. Animal control can help remove these animals from the premises and put them in appropriate shelters.

Dealing with aggressive and stray animals can be stressful, especially when others in the park don’t seem to mind. Remember that these actions are for safety and well-being of both residents and animals in the park.


  • Contact your local animal control agency.
  • Document incidents involving any damage or harm to residents, pets, or property.