“Park management told me they are planning a condominium conversion, but I can’t afford to make the switch. Can parks convert spaces for condominiums if residents can’t afford it?”

-Lorry K. (42), resident, Sacramento, CA


Converting mobile home parks into condominiums remains a complex and contentious issue, and whether or not it can be done, especially if residents can’t afford it, depends on various factors, including state and local laws, zoning regulations, and the specific circumstances of the mobile home park.

Converting a mobile home park into condominiums typically involves selling individual units to residents. If the residents cannot afford to purchase their units, it may present challenges to the conversion process. Some states have laws in place to address this issue, such as providing financing options or protections for low-income residents. Additionally, in many states, mobile home residents have legal protections, including rights related to eviction, relocation assistance, and the right of first refusal if the park is being sold.

Local governments often have zoning and land use regulations that dictate how land can be developed. These regulations may determine whether a mobile home park can be converted into condominiums. Legal and financial aspects of the conversion, such as obtaining necessary permits, securing financing, and complying with state and local laws, can be complex. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with the local planning department to understand the specific rules and requirements in your area.


  • Some states have laws and legal protections for residents who cannot afford to purchase converted units.
  • Local governments have zoning laws and land use regulations that dictate how the land can be used.
  • Consult with your local planning department to understand specific regulations in your area.