“I want to sell my home, but I’m getting a lot of mixed information about licenses. Do you need a license to sell a mobile home in California?”

-Kenneth B. (46), resident, Fresno, CA


First off, it depends on whether you want to sell your home as a private individual, or become a mobile home dealer or salesperson.

According to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), anyone who wishes to become a manufactured home or mobile home dealer/salesperson in California must obtain and maintain an active HCD license. To acquire an HCD license, you must pass an HCD-administered exam and complete the preliminary education courses, as well as complete future courses required to maintain your HCD license.

However, if you own a mobile home and wish to sell it as a private individual, you generally do not need a specific license to do so. With that said, there are still some important considerations and steps to take when selling your mobile home.

If your home is situated in a mobile home park community, you will need to speak with your park management and express your interest in selling your home. Often, your park will already have designated real estate agents who will list your property, schedule showings, and deal with the paperwork.

Otherwise, your options essentially come down to sale by owner, through a real estate agent, or listing with a dealer. If you sell the home by yourself, the selling process is entirely your responsibility. You will avoid paying agent fees, but you will have to handle all other aspects of the sale. Therefore, many sellers opt to pay the fee for a real estate agent to take over the sale. Finally, you have the option to sell your home directly to a licensed mobile home dealer; you’ll get to skip the wait for a buyer, but you will have to accept the price the dealer offers.


  • Mobile home dealers and salespersons are required to have an active HCD license.
  • Private individuals are not required to have a license, but the sale will still depend on the location and ownership of the property.