“I have a lot of stuff in my small home. It can get a little cramped but I make it work. However, the park manager is telling me that I have to move or lose some of it, because it violates the fire code. It’s my stuff, and I feel like it should be my choice. Can the park make me move or get rid of my stuff?”

-Annabelle T. (55), resident, Stockton, CA


In this case, yes, they can. While it may seem unfair for park management to tell you what to do with your stuff, the reality is that the park is required by the state to oversee the administration of standard fire code procedures. Fire codes are designed to reduce the risk of fire hazards and ensure that residents can evacuate safely in case of an emergency. If the park manager has determined that your belongings violate the fire code, they have the authority to request that you remove or reduce the number of items to comply with those regulations.

In California, for example, Title 25, Article 2, Section 1120 of the California Code of Regulations determines that “occupants shall keep the lot area and the area under, around, or on their unit and accessory buildings or structures free from an accumulation of refuse, rubbish, paper, leaves, brush or other combustible material,” and that park operators “…shall ensure that a collection system is provided and maintained, with covered containers, for the safe disposal of rubbish.”

The park manager has an obligation to keep the park safe from fire. If you disagree with the park manager’s decision, you should try discussing the issue with them to better understand the specific fire code policies and potential solutions to your storage concerns. They may be able to direct you to alternative methods of storing your belongings.


  • There are strict fire prevention rules for mobile home parks. Residents and park employees must comply with the fire code procedures in place.