“I am the inheritor of my late father’s mobile home property. Park management told me that I can’t move in until I apply for residency, even though I own the property title.  Can the park prevent me from living in the home I inherited?”

-Paul S. (40), resident, Kearny, NE


This can be tricky. In our experience however, unless you qualify for residency and have already signed a rental agreement, the park is permitted to deny you residency, regardless of whether or not you possess the property title.

Even after living with a resident or homeowner up until their decease, if the heir(s) are not a documented party in the rental agreement, then the park can request that they newly apply for residency. Similarly, park management may reject an heir’s residency if they determine that the heir cannot comply with park rules or lacks the income to pay rent or related costs of living. In these cases, the park can evict the heir from the property.

With that said, the heir has the right to resell the home, so long as the property meets health and safety code requirements, and the heir continues to pay the lot rent until the property is sold.


  • The park may require heirs to apply for residency.
  • The park may deny residency if an heir cannot pay rent or comply with park policy.
  • The heir has the right to resell the mobile home.