“When issues come up, sometimes our park manager is nowhere to be found. Isn’t the park manager required to be in the park most of the time, if not all of the time?”

-Sadie S. (68), resident, Waukesha, WI


Some of the time? Yes. All of the time? Most likely, no.

Most states require a specific amount of time that a park manager must reside within the park. This may depend on the size of the park; more specifically the number of residents and lot spaces. However, most of the time, park managers are not required to stay on the park premises 24 hours a day. Furthermore, in parks that are relatively small, the park manager may not be required to reside in the park at all.

With that said, most states require park managers to be available by phone, pager, email, or answering service, and that they respond in a timely manner to emergencies concerning the operation and maintenance of the park.

If you find that your park manager is not meeting these expectations, you should consider discussing the issues with the park owner or housing authorities who oversee the mobile home parks in your locality.


  • Park managers are not required to be on park premises 24/7
  • Park managers should be available by phone or another communication service to respond to emergencies.