“I received a citation for an unauthorized shed that was built by the previous owner. The park wants me to pay for it to be removed, but I didn’t build the thing! Who is responsible for fixing preexisting code violations?”

-Reuben B. (48), Sonoma, CA


This can vary from place to place. In our experience, however, homeowners are usually responsible for correcting any and all violations indicated by the park. This includes any pre-existing code violations, even violations which predate the sale of the home.

While park owners are responsible for issuing citations and ensuring that they are corrected, they are not legally obligated to amend such violations except in rare circumstances.

With that said, it is important to review the terms of your lease agreement to confirm where each party’s responsibilities lie in your mobile home park. Additionally, local laws and regulations may vary and can impact who is ultimately responsible for addressing the violation.


  • Homeowners are generally responsible for correcting any code violations in or on their homes, including pre-existing code violations.