“I will be away from home for a while, and I would like to sublease my home. However, our park management told us that subleasing is not allowed. Is the park allowed to enforce this rule?”

-Hannah B. (62), resident, Oakland, CA


For the most part, yes, the park is allowed to enforce rules to prohibit residents from subleasing their homes.

Given that parks are typically considered private property, park management may establish rules and regulations regarding subleasing in the terms of a resident’s lease agreement. Parks may prohibit or restrict subleasing in order to maintain control over the residential population and uphold the park’s community standards.

In some areas, parks may allow seniors or residents who require a medical convalescence to sublease their homes for a given amount of time, but such exceptions may vary between parks and localities.

To determine whether subleasing is allowed in your park, it is important to review the terms of your lease agreement. If there are laws in your locality which make exceptions to park policies, consider seeking legal advice to understand the specific regulations that apply to your area.


  • Usually a park can prohibit residents from subleasing their homes.