“My park accommodates park models as well as regular mobile homes. Will I be required to move the park model once I sell it?”

–Kenneth C. (33), Grass Valley, CA


This will depend on what your park management instructs you to do once you’ve sold the park model.

While some parks in California do accommodate park models as well as conventional mobile homes and manufactured houses, California Mobilehome Residential Law (MRL) does not recognize park models as mobile homes. Under the Health and Safety Code, park models are defined as “park trailers” and are thus considered recreational vehicles.

Therefore, park models are not eligible for the same provisions that require parks to allow homeowners to resell their homes in-place. If park management requests that you or the buyer move the sold park model from the premises, then they are legally entitled to do so.

With that said, given that your park accommodates park models to begin with, you should consider reaching out to park management to discuss the terms of the sale. You may be able to negotiate an agreement in which you’re able to leave the park model at the site or sell it directly to the park.


  • Park models are generally considered recreational vehicles and are not entitled to conventional mobile home protections.
  • The owner is required to relocate the sold park model if requested by park management.