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December 13, 2022
Oakland, CA

The process for transferring a mobile home title differs in the details from state to state. And depending on the location of the mobile home, the law may deem it to be treated either like a brick-and-mortar home or the process with work like a vehicle title transfer. If the mobile home is also being transferred alongside the land it sits on, then the process will become more complex.

The office that handles the title transfer of a mobile home will vary depending on the state. If your state regards the mobile home as real property, then you may be required to visit the Department of Housing. On the other hand, if the mobile home is treated as a vehicle, then the title transfer process would likely occur at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

It is important to note that when titles for mobile homes are issued, it is typically done so on a section-by-section basis. This means that if you’re selling or buying a single-section home (single-wide), only one title will be involved. However, in the case of a multi-section home (double-wide), multiple titles may be necessary, each of which needs to be transferred during the same transaction.

When going through the process of transferring a mobile home title, it is important to make sure that all relevant information is clearly visible on the document in order to ensure its legitimacy. This information may include the following:

1) The year the home was built.
2) The name of the manufacturer who built the home.
3) The model number and name.
4) Where the hone was manufactured.
5) ID number (sometimes a vehicle ID
6) The current owner’s name.
7) Any lienholder, if applicable.

The process across most states generally follows this step-by-step process:

1) Contact your local county’s register of deeds office and provide proof of ownership and any other required documents.
2) Pay the necessary fees.
3) Submit the application and all documents to the office.
4) Provide the new owner with a copy of the certificate of title.
5) Receive confirmation of the transfer from the office.

For more detailed information, check your state’s Department of Housing website.