“We’ve been having trouble with the water utilities in our park for a while now. Every time we submit a report, the management tells us that they will fix it, but they never do. How do residents get the park to fix our utilities?”

-Rebecca G. (57), Plattsburgh, NY


We’re sorry that the park management isn’t taking the proper initiative to repair the utilities in your park. The continued maintenance of utilities and services in the park which are used by the whole community are largely the responsibility of park management, and problems with these services should be remedied in a reasonable, timely manner.

If park management continues to neglect fixing or repairing basic utilities and services, such as water, you may need to contact the office of the Department of Housing and Development (HUD) in your area. After filing a report, the HUD will schedule your park for an inspection and may help temporarily remediate the issue until the utility is fixed. There may also be local government agencies which oversee housing in your jurisdiction and can provide similar services as the HUD.

If these issues persist, you may wish to consider legal counseling with an attorney specializing in residential law.


  • Contact the office of the Department of Housing and Development (HUD) pertaining to your area.